Japan's 3 values


Japan is even more fun when you understand the Japanese.

From children to adults, we offer our prayers to the Shinto gods and to the Buddha. When the train is full, we step out of the way so passengers can get off at each station. If you ask us for directions, we'll personally guide you where you want to go.
Why do we share these traits? We Japanese may seem a mystery at first glance. But by learning how we think and feel, you will enjoy Japan even more.


History and tradition... innovation
Creations produced out of pride in skill and meticulousness

"Mino washi" paper has a history and tradition dating back 1300 years. It is a craft that has been carried on for an incredible length of time. Through bold ideas and a dedication to preserving tradition, papermakers have consistently produced new creations that push the technological limitations of their time. From the new to the old, we hope you will enjoy an encounter with these creations that the Japanese have treated with such attentive care.

Common Life

Common Life
Where the Japanese find small pleasures

Take the seasons, for example: spring flower viewing, summer fireworks, autumn festivals and winter "kamakura." The beauty of the seasons is an essential part of the Japanese lifestyle.
Japanese cooking, "wagashi" sweets, kimono design and bonsai are just a few of the many small pleasures you may not have noticed as part of the rich yet common Japanese lifestyle. Why not experience the amusing diversions of everyday life?