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  • Attention to Detail

    Introduction to the Japanese mentality of creating one's own detailed individual world in various fields such as traditional crafts, nail art, food samples, and bidet-toilets, etc.

  • Japan, land of four distinct seasons

    Introduces nature, festivals, cuisine, and other aspects of the life of Japanese closely connected with the seasons, through the dexterous skills of Japanese-confectionary artisans that decorate the seasons with vivid colors.

  • The Japanese and Seasonal Delights

    Introduction to the lifestyle of the Japanese who incorporate the custom of enjoying four seasons, with vision of the spring "cherry blossoms", summer "festivals", autumn "colored leaves", and winter "snow".

  • "Omotenashi"

    Bookstore and supermarket examples of the "omotenshi (hospitality)" customer service that goes beyond simple product sales to anticipate customer needs.

  • Japanese Flavor Cuisine

    Introduction to the charm of a variety of Japanese food, from luxury foods to common dishes, utilizing the characteristics of each region.

  • Images of the three values of Japan tourism

    Introduction to the various expressions of Japanese according to three values (character, work, life) as well as the Awa dance - a traditional Japanese performing art.

  • Know Japan World Heritage

    Know Japan World Heritage

  • Enjoy Japan Activities

    Enjoy Japan Activities

  • Tour Japan Journey by Rail

    Tour Japan Journey by Rail