For General Users: Downloading Videos

The purpose of this website is to make videos available to private companies and individual users, both within Japan and overseas, who wish to download videos.
If you wish to download videos, please apply by filling out an application form with all required information.

Downloading Terms

Article 1. Purpose of Video Data Use

The video data on this website can be used for the limited purpose of promoting tourism in Japan in order to increase the number of foreign travelers who visit Japan. As a rule, usage by individual users is limited to individual use.
However, usage authorization may not be provided for purposes that are deemed inappropriate by the Japan National Tourism Organization, nor for purposes that run counter to the prohibitions stated in Article 6.

Article 2. Video Data Users

Individual users as well as private companies (e.g. travel-related companies, transport-related companies, accommodation-related companies, and media companies) who wish to obtain videos from the Japan National Tourism Organization.

Article 3. Period of Video Data Usage

Until March 31, 2018.

Article 4. Video Data Formats

The videos on this website have been saved as two types of MP4 files that are different in size (small files and large files) but otherwise contain the same content.

Article 5. Copyrights

Copyrights to the video data on this website belong to the Japan National Tourism Organization. Usage permission has been obtained for the portrait rights of people appearing in the videos of this library. However, the Japan National Tourism Organization shall not be responsible if any dispute with a third party arises due to improper usage that violates the prohibitions given in Article 6.

Article 6. Prohibitions

The following behaviors are prohibited if they involve the video data contained on this website. If any of these terms are violated, or if any video data is used for any purpose other than that for which this website operates, the Japan National Tourism Organization may rescind permission to use the video data and may demand the withdrawal and deletion of the video data at the expense of the user.

  1. The manufacture and sale of anything whose commercial value relies on elements of the videos themselves.
    Example: Selling a collection of movies or digital data
  2. The use of videos for rental purposes.
  3. The use of video data from this library to engage in behavior that leads to fraud or misunderstanding, behavior that is defamatory toward the reputation of the Japan National Tourism Organization or the subjects of the video, or behavior that otherwise violates public order and standards of decency.
  4. The editing and processing of video data from this website

Article 7. Disclaimer

The Japan National Tourism Organization shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or dispute that occurs due to any use of the video data contained on this website or the descriptions and keywords that are attached to that data.

Article 8. Contact

You may contact us in English or Japanese regarding the usage of this library via the contact information given below.

* If your intend use is “Internet website usage,” then instead of providing the file for download, we will provide a URL you can use to play back the video. (Copying the video file to another website is not permitted.)

JAPAN VIDEOS Administration Bureau